Angry Birds Rage Racers – Motorized Vehicle With Sounds


Angry Birds Rage Racers brings the iconic Red to life in a detailed and exciting toy. With motorized action and sound effects, this toy car offers thrilling playtime for fans of all ages. The punch button activates the car for 5 seconds of fast-paced fun while pressing Red’s head produces angry bird sounds. This toy is a fantastic addition to any Angry Birds collection and provides hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.


This 100% licensed and original Angry Birds toy with sounds and a moving race car is a greatly detailed vehicle on which Red has made his throne. The fan-favourite character Red from The Angry Birds has certainly won hearts in the movies. He is now adamant about sweeping us by our feet!

The powerful motorized vehicle is dominantly red and grey with black & white checker details. The front of the toy car is classy and boxy built and the rear end is sleek with two huge exhausts. Two bulky wheels ahead and comparatively smaller ones behind.

Coming to the exciting part… The Punch-button in the front when pressed activates the kids’ toy car for 5 seconds and hurries forward with speed! Red is determined to run over the Bad Piggies! Now, if you press the bird’s head you will hear angry bird’ sounds. The raging sound coupled with the race car speeding forward is a must-have toy for anyone and is definitely not limited to any age!

The cool play car is a fabulous pastime game for kids to play at home. They enjoy the excellence of the car and the angry bird. The motor functions bewilder them and make them imagine how it works. It sparks a curiosity in their brains.

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