Deadpool Super Hero One:12 Collective Action Figure Toy


Deadpool Super Hero Action Figure: The Merc with a Mouth joins your collection! This detailed 6-inch figure features Deadpool’s iconic red and black suit in cloth. With incredible articulation, pose him for hilarious action or chimichanga-eating relaxation. Includes multiple deadly accessories like katanas and a machine gun for maximum mayhem. A must-have for any Deadpool fan.



Bring the chimichanga-loving merc with a mouth to your collection with the Mezco One:12 Collective Deadpool Action Figure! This highly detailed figure captures Deadpool in all his glory, featuring:

  • Sixteen centimeter (6-inch) scale for a perfect fit on your shelf.
  • Detailed cloth costume that replicates Deadpool’s iconic red and black suit.
  • Multiple points of articulation for incredible posing possibilities.
  • A wide range of accessories, including:
    • Grenades
    • Machine gun
    • Katanas
    • And more! (Depending on the specific version of the figure)

This is the perfect collectible for any Deadpool fan!

Note: You can also add some information about the specific features of the figure, like interchangeable heads or unique weapons depending on the version.


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