Greenlight 1965 Volkswagen Type – 3 Square back Panel Van Black Bandit 1/64 Scale


Greenlight’s 1965 Volkswagen Type-3 Squareback Panel Van in Black Bandit livery is a stunning 1/64 scale model. This die-cast beauty captures the essence of the iconic VW design from the 1960s, featuring exquisite details and a sleek black finish. A must-have for collectors and enthusiasts, this model embodies the timeless appeal of the classic Volkswagen. Add this masterpiece to your collection and enjoy the nostalgia of this legendary vehicle every day.


Product Description:

Dive into the nostalgia of the 60s with the Greenlight 1965 Volkswagen Type-3 Squareback Panel Van from the Black Bandit series. This 1/64 scale die-cast model captures the iconic design and spirit of the era, featuring a sleek black finish that exudes elegance and style. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this model is a tribute to the timeless appeal of Volkswagen’s classic Squareback.

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