Maisto Angry Birds Crashers (Pull Back Motor)


Maisto Angry Birds Crashers bring the excitement of Angry Birds to life with their pull-back motors and crash-ready designs! These collectible cars are detailed replicas of the characters from the popular game, making them perfect for fans of all ages. With their sturdy construction and vibrant colors, they’re great for racing, crashing, and collecting. Get ready for high-speed fun with Maisto Angry Birds Crashers.


Description: Introducing the Maisto Angry Birds Crashers, featuring a pull-back motor for high-speed action! This collection includes your favourite Angry Birds characters transformed into cool crasher cars. Each car is designed with intricate details and vibrant colours, making them perfect for collectors and fans alike.

The pull-back motor allows the cars to zoom forward with incredible speed, making them great for racing and crashing into obstacles. The Angry Birds Crashers are made from high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting fun. Collect them all and create your own Angry Birds adventures.

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