Maisto Yamaha YZF R1 Replica Miniature Model Sports Bike Model


Maisto Metal 1/12 scale model of the Yamaha YZF R1 2021 in striking blue. This highly detailed replica miniature is an officially licensed product, ensuring authenticity and quality. With a length of approximately 7 inches, this model captures the essence of the iconic sports bike in a compact form. Packaged in new 1:12 licensed packaging with a display base tray, it’s perfect for showcasing in any collection. Experience the thrill of the Yamaha R1 in miniature with this meticulously crafted model.


Maisto Metal 1/12 scale model compatible with the Yamaha YZF R1 2021 in blue. Here are the details:

  • New 2023 Arrivals: This indicates that the model is a recent release, likely introduced in 2023.
  • Highly Detailed Replica Miniature: The model is designed to closely resemble the real Yamaha YZF R1 2021 sports bike, with attention to detail.
  • Officially Licensed Scale Model: This suggests that Maisto has obtained the necessary licensing from Yamaha to produce this replica.
  • Approx Length of the Vehicle: 7 Inches: The model’s size is about 7 inches in length, providing a compact yet detailed representation of the bike.
  • New 1:12 Licensed Packaging with Display Base Tray: The model comes in new packaging designed for display, possibly with a base tray to showcase it effectively.

Overall, it sounds like a high-quality collectible for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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