Suicide Squad “Daddy’s Little Monster” Harley Quinn Necklace


Unleash your inner Harley with the Suicide Squad “Daddy’s Little Monster” Necklace! This eye-catching pendant replicates Harley’s signature phrase, capturing her rebellious spirit. With a bold and playful design, it’s a perfect way to show off your love for Harley Quinn or the Suicide Squad movie.



Embrace your inner chaos with the Suicide Squad “Daddy’s Little Monster” Harley Quinn Necklace! This eye-catching accessory captures the essence of Harley’s rebellious spirit.

  • Inspired by Harley Quinn: This necklace features the iconic “Daddy’s Little Monster” inscription, a signature phrase associated with Harley’s character in the Suicide Squad movie.
  • Bold and Playful Design: The design perfectly embodies Harley’s personality with its bold lettering and potential use of bright colors or playful materials (depending on the specific product details).
  • A Touch of Harley for Every Fan: Whether you admire Harley’s audacious style or simply enjoy the movie, this necklace is a fun way to show your appreciation.

Please note: Specific details about materials, clasp type, and color may vary depending on the retailer.

This Suicide Squad “Daddy’s Little Monster” Necklace is the perfect addition to any Harley Quinn or Suicide Squad fan’s collection!


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