Terminator Genisys 7-Inch Police Disguise T-1000 Action Figure


Terminator T-1000 Action Figure Infiltrate your collection with NECA’s T-1000! This 7-inch figure captures the villain’s police disguise from Terminator Genisys. Features include Byung-hun Lee likeness, movie-detailed uniform, interchangeable battle-damaged parts, revolver & arm spear. Over 25 points of articulation for dynamic posing.

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Description: Infiltrate your collection with the NECA Terminator Genisys 7-Inch Police Disguise T-1000 Action Figure! This detailed figure captures the iconic shapeshifting assassin from the Terminator Genisys film, disguised as a police officer.

This T-1000 figure features:

  • Accurate likeness of actor Byung-hun Lee: The figure’s sculpt perfectly captures the likeness of Byung-hun Lee in his role as the T-1000.
  • Movie-authentic details: The figure features detailed sculpting and paintwork to recreate the T-1000’s police disguise, complete with a black uniform, badge, and sunglasses.
  • Interchangeable battle-damaged parts: The figure includes interchangeable battle-damaged head and arm parts, allowing you to depict the T-1000 after sustaining injuries.
  • Accessories: The T-1000 comes with a revolver and an arm spear accessory, both signature weapons used by the character in the film.
  • Over 25 points of articulation: Pose the T-1000 in a variety of dynamic action poses to recreate scenes from the movie or create your own.

A must-have for any Terminator fan, the NECA Terminator Genisys 7-Inch Police Disguise T-1000 Action Figure brings the iconic villain to life in collectable form.


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