WizKids Mage Knight: Resurrection – Campaign Starter Heroclix Box D&D


Mage Knight: Resurrection Launch Your Fantasy Battles. This miniatures game box sets the stage for thrilling adventures with 6 pre-painted figures, a HeroClix rulebook & cards, maps, tokens, and more. Unleash unique abilities, engage in strategic HeroClix combat, and embark on a legendary quest! Perfect for new & returning players. Order your Mage Knight: Resurrection Campaign Starter today.


Description: Unleash your inner Mage Knight! WizKids’ Mage Knight: Resurrection – Campaign Starter is a perfect entry point into this fantasy miniatures game.

This starter set includes everything you need for epic adventures, including:

  • 6 Pre-Painted Miniatures: Command a diverse team of heroes, each with unique abilities and a special “SwitchClix” dial for tactical combat.
  • HeroClix Rulebook: Learn the core mechanics of HeroClix, the combat system that powers Mage Knight: Resurrection.
  • HeroClix Powers & Abilities Cards: Unlock the full potential of your heroes with special attacks and strategic options.
  • Maps, Tokens, and More: Everything you need to set the stage for your campaign, including battle maps, tokens for tracking resources and effects, and more!

Key Features:

  • Campaign Starter: Perfect for new and returning Mage Knight players.
  • HeroClix Combat System: Fast-paced and strategic battles.
  • SwitchClix Dials: Two dials per figure for versatility.
  • Pre-Painted Miniatures: Jump right into the action with beautifully detailed figures.

Ready to embark on a legendary quest? Gather your allies and begin your Mage Knight adventure with the Campaign Starter!


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