Greenlight 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 V- DUB 1/64 scale


Experience the nostalgia of the 60s with the Greenlight 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 V-DUB in 1/64 scale. This die-cast model beautifully replicates the iconic VW bus with its vivid green color and authentic detailing. Whether you’re a collector or a Volkswagen enthusiast, this miniature captures the free-spirited charm of the original. Display it proudly in your collection or on your desk and relive the magic of the classic VW bus.


Greenlight 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 V-DUB 1/64 Scale Die-Cast Model, meticulously crafted with authentic details. Celebrate the iconic VW bus design of the 1968 Volkswagen Type 2, known as the Microbus. This miniature captures the spirit of the era with its vivid green colour and realistic features.

Experience nostalgia with this finely reproduced V-DUB, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts. The 1/64 scale makes it ideal for display in any collection or diorama. Every curve and contour of the original VW bus is faithfully replicated, making it a standout piece in any collection.

Constructed with precision, this model features realistic wheels, authentic branding, and a high-quality finish. Whether you’re a die-cast enthusiast or a Volkswagen fan, the Greenlight 1968 Volkswagen Type 2 V-DUB is sure to impress. Add it to your collection and relive the magic of the 60s with this exceptional miniature recreation.

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