Mirana Explorer Off-Road RC Car 4 Wheel Drive


Remote Control 4WD Monster Truck! Explore any terrain with the Mirana Explorer. Proportional speed & steering lets you master off-road adventures. All-terrain tyres conquer rocks, sand, and mud. Up to 40 min playtime with USB-C rechargeable battery. Independent braking for epic stunts. Made in India with 3 bold colour options.



Conquer any terrain with the Mirana Explorer, a feature-packed remote-control car built for adventure! This powerful RC truck boasts:

  • Proportional Speed & Steering: Experience smooth, realistic handling with precise control over speed and steering.
  • All-Terrain Domination: Tackle any surface with grippy, non-toxic rubber tyres and metallic rims.
  • Long-Lasting Power: The rechargeable 2500mAh Li-Ion battery delivers up to 40 minutes of playtime! Conveniently charged with a USB-C cable.
  • Independent Braking: Master daring stunts and manoeuvres with separate front and rear brakes for ultimate control.
  • Exciting Color Options: Choose from military camo, desert camo, or silver to match your style.
  • Made in India: Support local innovation with this high-quality RC car built by Mirana.

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