Marvel Spider-Man Stunt Vehicle with 6-Inch Action Figure


Spider-Man Stunt Vehicle with Action Figure lets you zoom into adventure! This set features a 6-inch Spider-Man figure and a cool spidey-styled vehicle. The vehicle races with free-rolling wheels and even has a pull-back cord for epic stunts. Imagine Spider-Man speeding towards villains, leaving them in the dust! Perfect for playtime, this set inspires heroic action and hours of fun. Ages 4 and up. Additional figures sold separately.


Description: This Spider-Man Stunt Vehicle lets kids imagine their favourite web-slinging hero racing into action! The set includes a 6-inch scale Spider-Man figure and a spidey-styled vehicle with free-rolling wheels. The vehicle also has a pull-back cord that kids can use to propel it forward.

Here are some of the key features of this toy:

  • 6-inch scale Spider-Man action figure
  • Spidey-styled vehicle with free-rolling wheels
  • Pull-back cord to propel vehicle forward
  • Inspires imaginative play

With this Spider-Man Stunt Vehicle, kids can create their own epic superhero adventures.

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