Nerf Alpha Strike Mission Ops Set – Includes 4 Blasters, 2 Half-Targets, and 25 Official Elite Darts, Multicolor


Nerf Alpha Strike Mission Ops Set: Dive into action-packed Nerf battles with this comprehensive 31-piece set. Perfect for parties or gift-giving, it includes 4 blasters, 2 half-targets, and 25 Elite darts. Featuring the Stinger SD-1, Cobra RC-6, and Tiger DB-2 blasters, along with half-targets that combine into a full target, this set offers endless fun. Easy to load, prime, and fire, these hand-powered blasters are perfect for on-the-go play. Experience the excitement of Nerf battles with the Alpha Strike Mission Ops Set.


Product Description:

Get ready to start blasting with the Nerf Alpha Strike Mission Ops Set. This 31-piece set is perfect for gift-giving, parties, or anytime you want to dive into exciting Nerf games. It includes 4 Nerf Alpha Strike blasters, 2 half-targets, and 25 Official Nerf Elite darts.

The set features 2 Stinger SD-1 blasters, 1 Cobra RC-6 blaster, and 1 Tiger DB-2 blaster, along with 2 half-targets that can be attached to create a whole target. With easy load, prime, and fire functionality, these hand-powered blasters are ready to unleash the fun without the need for batteries.

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