Piaggio 1976 Vespa Miniature 125 ET3 (Japan ) 1/18 Scale


Discover timeless elegance with our meticulously crafted Vespa Miniature Collection. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classic design as our 1:18 scale replicas faithfully capture the iconic details of these vintage scooters. Perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike, our Vespa Miniatures are meticulously designed, incorporating steerable handles, free-rolling wheels, and a harmonious blend of metal, plastic, and rubber parts. Bring a touch of retro charm to your display with these collectible models, each measuring approximately 9 cm x 4 cm x 7 cm. Order now and enjoy free shipping throughout India. Elevate your space with the spirit of Vespa – a symbol of enduring style and sophistication.


Introducing the meticulously crafted 1:18 scale collectible model of the iconic 1975 Vespa 125TS – a true masterpiece for enthusiasts and collectors alike. This exquisitely detailed miniature captures the essence of the classic Vespa design with precision and authenticity.

Equipped with a steerable handle for added realism, this collectible model boasts free-rolling wheels, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through the intricacies of your display. Crafted with a blend of metal, plastic, and rubber parts, each component is thoughtfully replicated to mirror the charm and intricacy of the original 1975 Vespa 125TS.

Measuring approximately 9 cm x 4 cm x 7 cm, this scaled-down masterpiece is perfect for display on your shelf, desk, or in a dedicated collection. The attention to detail extends to every aspect, ensuring a true-to-life representation of this iconic Vespa model.

This collectible model not only serves as a homage to the golden era of Vespa but also makes for an exceptional gift for fellow enthusiasts. With free shipping available all over India, acquiring this piece of Vespa history has never been more convenient.

Embrace the nostalgia and elegance of the 1975 Vespa 125TS with this stunning 1:18 scale collectible model – a must-have for those who appreciate the timeless allure of classic scooters. Order now and bring the spirit of Vespa into your collection.


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