Supersized Spidey Action! Marvel’s Deluxe 13-Inch Web Gear Spider-Man with Sounds & Suit Upgrades


13-inch Spider-Man action figure, showcasing its intricate sculpting and movie-faithful design. We then pull back to see the figure in a dynamic pose, its superior articulation allowing for epic action stances. A split-screen cuts in, showing interchangeable chest pieces and masks being swapped on the fly, highlighting customization options. The split screen transitions to the figure again, this time with sound effects erupting from a speaker beside it, emphasizing the interactive sound features. Finally, the perspective shifts to a kid’s eye-view, showcasing the figure engaged in battle with its web blaster accessory, capturing the immersive play experience.



Gear up for big-time web-slinging adventures with the deluxe 13-inch Web Gear Spider-Man!

This super-sized Spider-Man action figure lets you relive the action of the Far From Home movie. It features awesome sound effects to bring your battles to life, plus interchangeable chest pieces and masks to customize Spidey’s suit for any mission.

Here’s what makes this Spidey figure fantastic:

  • Large 13-inch scale!
  • Sounds effects straight from the movie!
  • Multiple interchangeable chest pieces and masks!
  • Web blaster accessory to take down the bad guys!

With this deluxe Web Gear Spider-Man, imaginations can soar as kids swing into epic web-slinging battles. Perfect for any Spider-Man fan!


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