Hot Wheels Metal Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset, Multicolor


Immerse yourself in a world of color-changing fun with the Hot Wheels Metal Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset. Watch as the Color Shifters car transforms its hue in the mad scientist’s laboratory, adding excitement to every rescue mission. With three distinct color-change zones, this set offers endless entertainment. It comes complete with one Color Shifters car for instant play and connects seamlessly to existing Hot Wheels tracks, expanding the racing universe and fueling imaginative adventures.


Bring the excitement of color-changing cars to life with the Hot Wheels Metal Shifters Color Splash Science Lab Playset! Kids can embark on a thrilling rescue mission to save the Color Shifters car trapped in the mad scientist’s laboratory.

The playset features three different color-change zones, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement. Watch as the car’s color transforms with the water feature, enhancing the action-packed play experience.

Included in the set is one Color Shifters car, ensuring that the thrills begin straight out of the box. Additionally, the playset is compatible with existing Hot Wheels tracks, allowing kids to expand their racing world and create epic adventures.

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